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About us

Circle of Eagles Trading Post is an online and retail store owned and operated by Circle of Eagles Lodge Society, a not-for-profit Indigenous organization located on the Coast Salish territory.

The Trading Post creates opportunities for Brothers and Sisters who are re-integrating from the justice system, as well as others in the community, to participate in the local economy. Our hope is to introduce their artwork into new markets generating fair value. 

Circle of Eagles Lodge Society has a long history of working with Indigenous men and women transitioning out of the Justice system. Many are talented artists and craftspeople, who are not well connected with the existing distribution channels and potential markets for their work, they are often exploited and have limited financial resources, leading to their work becoming a commodity for which they do not receive fair value.  

The Trading Post acts as an intermediary connecting these artists with the marketplace through both on-line and store front retail channels and will create new partnerships with existing businesses in the market to better connect artists with retail buyers. It is also a source of fairly priced arts supplies as well as cultural and traditional materials that are difficult to source in the urban environment.

The Trading Post complements and contibutes to existing Circle of Eagles programs that offer training, mentoring, and employment readiness, in a culturally relevant safe space for program participants. 

To learn more about Circle of Eagles Lodge Society please visit www.coels.ca